Devonshire Hill Residents Association

On Thursday, 7 April 2016, the Devonshire Hill Residents Association was officially founded! We can now speak to the council and other organisations with one voice.

We want to organise events, help distribute important local information (such as news of the proposed development at 500 White Hart Lane), and generally improve community communications. We want Devonshire Hill to be a better place for everyone.

Our meeting minutes are available on this site.

 The founding meeting of the Devonshire Hill Residents Association – 7 April, 2016.

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We also want to see the email list be the place for local discussions, announcements of events, listings for free stuff giveaways — whatever’s appropriate for local chat.

Where on Earth is Devonshire Hill?

First of all, it’s more than just Devonshire Hill Lane! It’s the whole neighbourhood built on Devonshire Hill N17, once known as Clay Hill. But like all London neighbourhoods, the boundaries are a bit vague and woolly.

Yes, Devonshire Hill actually is a hill! Sort of. The orange and reddish areas of the map are slightly higher above sea level than the green bits.

Basic catchment area:

Our basic area is bounded by White Hart Lane to the south, Great Cambridge Road/A10 to the east, Norfolk Avenue to the west, and the borough of Enfield to the north. We also welcome participation by anyone nearby affected by issues in our area, especially people at the western side of Norfolk Avenue, people immediately south of White Hart Lane, and people in the southern reaches of Enfield.

We do know that Devonshire Hill Lane confusingly has an eastern section, on the opposite side of Great Cambridge Road/the A10, but since Great Cambridge forms a pretty impassable north-south dividing line, we're going to stick with just the western side of Devonshire Hill Lane.

What about Enfield?

We also welcome south Enfield residents, especially the Empire Avenue/Canada Avenue/Tasmania Terrace/Queensland Avenue/Devonia Gardens/Norfolk Avenue areas, as supporters. But because residents associations traditionally follow borough or ward jurisdictional boundaries, we aren’t able to support Enfield residents as full members.

We’re really sorry about being Haringey-focused, but would be delighted if Enfield residents would form their own group that we could ally with! 

Catchment area: details

To summarise, residents (both owner-occupiers and renters) of the following streets are in our area of the borough of Haringey:

Norfolk Avenue: from Norfolk Close southward to the end of the road.
Norfolk Close
Devonshire Hill Lane: from Norfolk Avenue eastward to Great Cambridge Road/A10
The Green
Mayfair Gardens
Devonshire Court
Thetford Close
Devonshire Road
Butterfield Close
Rowland Hill Avenue
Cambridge Gardens
White Hart Lane: from Perth Road westward to Great Cambridge Road/A10
Devonshire Gardens
Great Cambridge Road/A10: from Mayfair Gardens southward to White Hart Lane; west side of the road only

Additional possible area, for which interest was expressed at the inaugural meeting:

Great Cambridge Road/A10: from White Hart Lane southward to Rivulet Road; west side of the road only
Rivulet Road
Gospatrick Road
Fenton Road
Compton Crescent
Daubeney Road
Daubeney Gardens
Stockton Gardens
Stockton Road
Courtman Road
Reynardson Road
Peregrine Road
The Crossway
Perth Road: from the Crossway northward to White Hart Lane

Why the flowerpot?

What’s the point of the flowerpot logo? Well, it’s supposed to represent our local history. For much of the 19th and 20th centuries there were two competing potteries at the southern edge of Devonshire Hill. They supplied hand-thrown flowerpots, made from London clay, across the country. Also, the flowerpot is a nice nurturing growth symbol for our growing neighbourhood association.