Impact of 500 WHL on the Green

One of our biggest concerns is the impact that the proposed 500 White Hart Lane development will have on residents of the Green, the small housing area south of Devonshire Hill Lane.

At the moment the Green enjoys a beautiful panoramic view across London, including views of the City. If this project goes ahead, they would of course lose all that. Sadly there is no right to a view in British planning law. But there are grounds for objection if a proposal is overbearing in nature. And we believe it is.

The developers have been extremely careful to limit published renderings of their project, focusing on the most positive-looking views. And who can blame them? Their job is to sell the project. But we want an honest view of what the building complex will look like, not a selective fantasy.

Unfortunately we don't have access to their architectural data, so we can't generate a true 3D model showing how the Green would be affected. So this is an approximation based on low-res 2D information that the developers have published thus far. If it's inaccurate we'd certainly love to see a professional architectural rendering of the site, generated from the point of view of an average adult standing in the courtyard of the Green. (i.e.: not utilising a short focal length/wide angle view to minimise the appearance of distant objects)

Anyway. Here is our best estimate, based on available information.

And here is a view of Devonshire Hill Lane, the first street immediately north of the proposed building site.

As you can see, a neighborhood of two-storey terraces. Not exactly crying out for the imposition of 6-storey tower blocks!